Wolfeboro – Jolly the Trolley’s Summer Park and Ride Shuttle service to Downtown
Wolfeboro is growing.
Last year The Wolfeboro Trolley Company, which has offered Molly the Trolley
Tours here for 36 years, added Jolly the Trolley and began a Park ‘N Ride shuttle
between the Kingswood Campus on South Main Street and the Railroad Station
There are three main roads into Wolfeboro; South Main Street, Center Street and
North Main Street. Beginning this summer, shuttle service will be available on at least
two when Jolly begins picking up at Linda’s Flowers on Center Street in Wolfeboro
“We’re hoping to add a third stop on North Main Street as well,” said Kathy
Fairman, trolley company owner.
“The goal is to relieve parking congestion downtown where shoppers are forced
to circle looking for an open parking space. We want to make it easier for everyone,
resident and visitor alike, to enjoy our downtown and frequent our shops, restaurants, and
services,” she added.
Wolfeboro businesses seem to like the idea; 36 have again purchased signs on
Jolly the Trolley supporting the shuttle and promoting their businesses.
Fairman noted that Jolly’s route change will also benefit Bay Street residents
including those at the Taylor Community.
“From Wolfeboro Falls, Jolly will take Bay Street to North Main Street, arriving
at the Railroad Station from that direction. It will then be easy to add the North Main
Street stop when we’re ready,” she added.
She is confident the shuttle can still run every half hour, taking no more than 15
minutes to get to and from downtown.
“It could be even less when traffic decreases as more people use it,” she said.