It sure is great to be “On the Road Again” as my buddy Willie Nelson sings. I may not travel as far or see as many places as he does, but I sure do enjoy seeing my friends here in Wolfeboro whether they’re familiar faces who’ve been riding and smiling with me for the last 33 years, or they’re brand new faces here to discover our town for the first time.

How wonderful it was to see the sun and sky as my new outdoor cover was removed. I usually spend the winter inside sharing stories with all my boat friends, but this year I had to have a procedure. My family and I decided the best place to have this done was where I was born in Wells, Maine, so off I went last fall.

They were very kind and gentle at Molly Corporation when they replaced my floor, and I must say I do like the way it feels and looks. I hear older folks on the trolley talking about having their hips and knees replaced all the time and now I understand. I’m not as young as I used to be, and you know, a girl’s got to do what she’s got to do to keep herself looking and feeling her best!

The procedure was completed last December and then I spent the rest of the winter alone under that darn cover. I felt isolated and lonely.

You can imagine my shock when I learned I wasn’t alone after all! Most of America and many parts of the world were experiencing the same thing as they hunkered down to stop the spread of this coronavirus.

I learned all about it from my friend Charlie Rousseau at Auto Care Plus, where I live in the summer, when he gave me my first bath of the season. I was sad to learn about all the people who died and proud of those who served and continue to serve on the front lines, especially in our hospitals.

With the wind blowing through my side-view mirrors and sun-warmed pavement beneath my wheels I made my first trip around town in late May. I was heartened to see how everyone is adapting to keep our community safe, open and welcoming to both residents and guests.

I told Charlie I thought I should wear a mask to help out, but he explained that I am one of those for whom a mask would actually be dangerous. It might block my vision and it would definitely interfere with my breathing and cause me to develop a serious fever.

So, though I am not covering my face, thank you to everyone who is, and feel free to join me “on the road again,” weekends from 11-2 through June 21 and seven days a week starting June 27. I am following best practices for Covid-19 safety per State of New Hampshire guidelines.

And thank you to one of my drivers, Kathy, who does the typing for me. Those little keys are just too small for my wheels. If you hear about a keyboard that is trolley-sized please call Kathy at 603-569-1080.

I think I like this writing thing.